Monday, July 7, 2014


I received so many great entries - it was hard to choose! I could not narrow it down to just one so I decided to award two lucky winners for their contributions.

The following entries tied for first place and were both awarded a free copy of "The Secret Side of Anger".

From Lisa J. in Athens, Ohio:

Picture This 

"When someone hurts me or is rude to me, rather than get angry back, I sit and meditate on it. I try to imagine what they must be going through that caused them to be so mean. I think about the pain or fear that they have inside that comes out as anger. I visualize a white light surrounding them, the light of God, healing them and making them whole. I send them peaceful energy and ask God to fill them with His peace. I envision God's peace flowing in through the top of their head, going down to their toes and filling up every inch of their being. It pushes out all of the negative energy and they are peaceful and joyful. This helps me to heal my anger and allows me to feel at peace as well."

From Roman T. in Somerton, Az.

Rhymes With..."

"It's hard for me to talk to my girlfriend when I get angry with her. And I'm not good at writing my feelings down like some people can. But I do have a good sense of humor and I'm good at writing funny poems. So when I'm upset with her I write something silly to get my point across. Here's an example:

'Sara, I'm mad again that you were late                                                                                                                                            
When I came to pick you up for our date.      
I think it's rude, I get in a bad mood.                             
Please don't always make me wait - I don't want this to determine our fate.'
This breaks the ice and allows us to talk about what's bothering me. So far it's worked pretty good."


1. Meditation and visualization - a powerful combination.

2. A variation of journaling which allows the individual to express themselves on paper, leading to a verbal discussion.

Great suggestions! Thank you Lisa and Roman!

If you would like to share your thoughts and ideas for expressing, managing or healing your anger, please leave your comments below. I appreciate all those who entered and all those who care to post now. Peace to all of you!

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