Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reserved for People I Really Care About - Like You!

Small business owners are always seeking affordable ways to reach more people and grow their businesses Unfortunately, most don't have corporate sized budgets to do so. I fully understand because I'm a small business owner, too. (Small only in number of employees - BIG on integrity, services and satisfied customers like you!) That's why I like to make advertising on my radio show affordable for my fellow entrepreneurs.

(Drum roll please)

Special Advertising Rate - Limited Time (Offer valid only until March 6, 2013 so hurry!)

In honor of my one year anniversary as host of Anger 9-1-1 Radio, I am very pleased to offer an awesomely (is that even a word?) inexpensive way to advertise your business, product, or  service.
For a very limited time (and sadly for a limited number of customers as well - it's only a 50 minute show) I am offering the following:

15 WEEK PACKAGE For the Price of 10!

(That's FIVE FREE WEEKS - and up to an  additional 60 FREE days, see below -  of advertising!)

Client provides one 30 second commercial which airs on my live show each Wed. morning at 9 am EST
Client's commercial airs again on Sunday evenings at 9 pm EST (repeat of live show)
Random repeats of my shows air every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 9 am EST. So your commercial has the potential to air SIX times a week AT NO EXTRA COST! That's potentially 60 MORE TIMES!

Cost $30 per ad x 10 weeks = $300

BUT BECAUSE YOUR COMMERCIAL AIRS FOR  15 WEEKS  IT BRINGS THE COST DOWN OT ONLY $20 PER AD! But wait! You're commercial is guaranteed to air every Wed. and Sunday - that's twice a week bring down the actual cost to an unheard of $10 per ad!
And…because it has the potential to air 6 times a week, that could bring the cost down even further to a ridiculously low $3.33 EACH!

Call or email me today. This offer is only valid until March 6, 2013. All commercials begin airing on March 13, 2103 and conclude on June 19, 2013.

Hurry! You don't have much time and I can only accept a limited number of new clients.

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An estimated 89 million Americans listened to online radio last month
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Weekly online audience has doubled every 5 years since 2001. W4CY Radio’s Growth has been way above that.

Peace and Joy,

Janet Pfeiffer, Pres., CEO
Pfeiffer Power Seminars, LLC

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

KISS Away Anger

KISS Away Anger

My guest today, Dr. Erica Kosal, has been dealing with the devastating illness of her husband, Jim, for the past five years. Understandably, she has experienced a wide range of emotions including stress and anger.  But this college professor and mother of two refused to allow those feelings to get the better of her. Instead, she relied on some age-old wisdom from her mother as well as some creative new techniques she developed for herself.

As a child, Erica's mother recommended that when bad things happen it's important to acknowledge them but not dwell on them. Refocusing on what is positive allows one to avoid the pitfalls of bitterness, hopelessness, and self-pity - three deadly emotions sure to send one into a downward spiral of despair and anger. Erica later expanded this lesson into one of developing a global perspective - an attitude of living beyond the moment (contrary to what many people practice in terms of living for today). If today is particularly bad, one may have a difficult seeing tomorrow's sunlight. But the practice of seeing each day or moment in relation to the entirety allows one to be reminded of the good days already lived as well as those waiting on the horizon.

Attitude and perspective also became cornerstones for keeping anger at bay. Reflecting on gratitude for what they had verses resentment over what could no longer be enabled Erica and her husband to cherish the time they shared and make the most of each moment.

Her "Chunk-It" technique may sound too simple to be effective but it works. Rather than view her current situation in its entirety (which can be overwhelming, leading to feelings of hopelessness and despair), she broke down each day into smaller more controllable chunks. In that way, she could manage each task without feeling as though she was being devoured by the enormity of her husband's condition.

Relying on hypnosis (deep relaxation) and something called The Healing Codes (a combination of prayer and activating energy points on the body), Erica had managed to navigate her way through the greatest challenge  of her life without jeopardizing her health, sanity and family.

No one is immune to unexpected challenges and hardships. When trying to find our way in our new circumstances it is easy to fall prey to stress, anger, and sometimes rage. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. Find what works for you and make it a KISS: Keep It Simple, Sweetie.

Share your suggestions here so others may benefit.

To learn more about Dr. Erica Kosal, author of "Miracles for Daddy: A Family's Inspirational Fight Against a Modern Medical Goliath" visit her website @!services

To learn more about anger and simple ways to express and heal it, pick up a copy of The Secret Side of Anger @

Friday, February 15, 2013

The ONE KEY to Make Love Last a Lifetime

Ah, Love! What could be more wonderful than falling in love?  We find ourselves attracted to another and regardless of our age we feel like a teenager falling in love for the first time. And for a period of time, all is right with the world. But then reality sets in. We begin to notice things about our partner that we are not particularly fond of. The more time spent together, the more irritating they become. Eventually, our feelings begin to change as the inevitable approaches. We fall out of love and the relationship ends. Sadly, this happens in more than 50% of marriages. Yet few couples realize what is necessary to stay in love.
Love is not something that just happens, something one cannot choose or control. Oh contraire! Love is actually a choice, a decision, and takes a conscious effort to keep alive. When love dies, in actuality, it is because one or both parties chooses to no longer love. Let me explain:
I met my husband seventeen years ago. Within five minutes of saying hello, I knew he was a sweet man, easy going, laid back, funny, and kind. We tied the knot ten months later. Immediately, I felt as though I had made a big mistake and contemplated the "D" word. But I felt that God had brought us together for a reason and I needed to stay even thougth I kept telling myself, "This is not what I thought it was going to be. I don't like _____ about him. I wish he was different." So, like any good wife, I decided to fix him, (no - not neuter!) to make him a new and improved version of himself.  And of course, any reasonable husband would adore his wife for making him a better person, she wrote sarcastically.
Then one day, God whispered in my ear, "Stop trying to fix him! He isn't broken. Just love him the way I do - unconditionally. When I created him, I put so much beauty and goodness in him. Acknowledge it and appreciate him exactly the way he is."
I realized that the more I focused on what I didn't like about him (he never puts stuff away when he's done using it), the more irritated I became. That changed how I felt about him. Of course, dummy! You know that your thoughts are responsible for your feelings. You've taught that to thousands of people. How about following your own advice?
I could see the goodness - it was so obvious. I listened to God. I focused on everything I loved and appreciated about him. He's easy to be with, never criticizes me, allows me to be who I am and do what is important to me, loves my kids and grandchildren like his own, has integrity, is honest, hardworking, and the list goes on and on. Oh, and he makes me laugh. How can I not love him?
The ONE KEY to staying in love forever is to train yourself to  continually recognize the beauty and goodness in your partner. The more you focus on the positive the more it generates feelings of love. When you concentrate on the negative, it changes the love to disappointment and anger. And thus forms the belief that we have fallen out of love. Think love and you will feel love. And the more you feel love the more the relationship endures.

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