Friday, February 26, 2010

Fear or Faith: a Heavenly Story

I believe very strongly in the power of intention. I have been on tour with my new book, The Secret Side of Anger. for several months. When my book was released, I made the decision that in addition to the traditional methods of selling books, I specifically wanted to use mine to help non profits raise funds for their organizations. With the plunging economy, people were fearful of not having enough for themselves and were naturally cutting back on expenses. Non profits are hit particularly hard.

I, however, have a very deep faith in God and believe that he will continue to provide for me as he always has. I increased all of my donations.

The morning of one of my book signings, The Daily Record had an insert for the Market Street Mission, a homeless shelter with whom I had recently become affiliated. They were seeking donations for the upcoming holiday dinner. Of course, I thought, I'll write out a check. But then I decided that after my signing, I would ask for donations from the audience. After all, this was a local organization I'm sure everyone was familiar with. Not feeling comfortable with soliciting donations though, I put the idea aside.

The lecture began and I spoke about fear (one of the underlying causes of anger). I also spoke about my faith and trust in God and my ability to live without worry. What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. For the first time ever, every single person in the audience bought a copy of The Secret Side of Anger. Some paid with $20 bills and told me to keep the change (that's $7!). "Put it to good use," they said. I was speechless! (And for me, that's quite a challenge.)

I returned home with far more money than books sold. Of course, there was no doubt as to where that money was intended. So along with my own personal check, I made a sizable donation to the Mission.

What happened that evening was further testimony to my belief that when you have pure intentions in your heart and put forth the appropriate effort, God makes miracles happen.

Put all fears to rest. Work unselfishly for the good of all humanity. God will do his part and your rewards will be heavenly.

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