Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reserved for People I Really Care About - Like You!

Small business owners are always seeking affordable ways to reach more people and grow their businesses Unfortunately, most don't have corporate sized budgets to do so. I fully understand because I'm a small business owner, too. (Small only in number of employees - BIG on integrity, services and satisfied customers like you!) That's why I like to make advertising on my radio show affordable for my fellow entrepreneurs.

(Drum roll please)

Special Advertising Rate - Limited Time (Offer valid only until March 6, 2013 so hurry!)

In honor of my one year anniversary as host of Anger 9-1-1 Radio, I am very pleased to offer an awesomely (is that even a word?) inexpensive way to advertise your business, product, or  service.
For a very limited time (and sadly for a limited number of customers as well - it's only a 50 minute show) I am offering the following:

15 WEEK PACKAGE For the Price of 10!

(That's FIVE FREE WEEKS - and up to an  additional 60 FREE days, see below -  of advertising!)

Client provides one 30 second commercial which airs on my live show each Wed. morning at 9 am EST
Client's commercial airs again on Sunday evenings at 9 pm EST (repeat of live show)
Random repeats of my shows air every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 9 am EST. So your commercial has the potential to air SIX times a week AT NO EXTRA COST! That's potentially 60 MORE TIMES!

Cost $30 per ad x 10 weeks = $300

BUT BECAUSE YOUR COMMERCIAL AIRS FOR  15 WEEKS  IT BRINGS THE COST DOWN OT ONLY $20 PER AD! But wait! You're commercial is guaranteed to air every Wed. and Sunday - that's twice a week bring down the actual cost to an unheard of $10 per ad!
And…because it has the potential to air 6 times a week, that could bring the cost down even further to a ridiculously low $3.33 EACH!

Call or email me today. This offer is only valid until March 6, 2013. All commercials begin airing on March 13, 2103 and conclude on June 19, 2013.

Hurry! You don't have much time and I can only accept a limited number of new clients.

Anger 9-1-1 Radio is broadcast by Radio.

W4CY Radio reaches 4.5 Million Listeners!
Ranked #1 of All Women’s Internet Radio in the world
Ranked #1 in Talk, New Age & Rock Genres in West Palm Beach, FL
Picked as Featured Station (1 of 16 out of 17,000 stations)
Picked as Editor’s Choice by the largest broadcaster of Internet Radio
Listeners in all 195 Countries and All US States
Partnered with AT&T

An estimated 89 million Americans listened to online radio last month
Nearly half (49%) of all Americans over 12 years old listen to Internet Radio
Internet radio reaches 32% of active radio listeners on a monthly basis
Weekly online audience has doubled every 5 years since 2001. W4CY Radio’s Growth has been way above that.

Peace and Joy,

Janet Pfeiffer, Pres., CEO
Pfeiffer Power Seminars, LLC

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